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   Richmond's Economical Choice for Event Planning, Floral Designs and  Month of Coordinationet's use  our  creativity instead of  your cash !

For the bride who is looking for economical wedding florals, we offer a floral ensemble in REAL ROSES that is CUSTOMIZED by you.  And at a price that is LOWER than “grocery store” or “artificial”  flowers !  The price quoted is complete – includes tax/delivery in the Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield area.


                                         ALL ROSES BRIDAL PARTY AND FAMILY PACKAGE

                                             $495.oo  26 piece ensemble

                         This 26 piece ensemble may be customized.        Please select from the following choices to make it uniquely yours

·                                  One or two  colors of fresh live roses –note -  this package is ONLY roses

·                               One or two colors of Satin Ribbon to tie the bouquets and accent the corsages

·                                 Herringbone tie detail on the bouquet handles with or without bow and tails

·                               Pearl or Rhinestone accents on the bouquet handles and/or in the rose centers  - no charge

·                                 Baby’s Breath floral accents  - can be included in any or all items - no charge


                                         The All Roses Bridal Party and Family Package Includes:

                             1  Bridal Bouquet with 24 Roses                                 1  toss bouquet with 12 Roses
                             1  Maid of Honor Bouquet with 16 Roses                     4  Bridesmaid Bouquets with 14 Roses
                             1  Groom’s Boutonniere with 2 Roses                          1  Best Man Boutonniere  with 1 Rose
                             4  Groomsmen Boutonnieres with 1 Rose                     1  Ring Bearer Boutonniere with 1 Rose
                             2  Father’s Boutonnieres with 2 Roses                         2  Grandfather’s Boutonnieres with 1 Rose
                             2  Mothers Tussy Mussys with 3 Roses                       2  Grandmother’s Corsages with 3 Roses
                             1  Flower Girl Halo of Baby’s Breath                             2  Greeter’s Corsages with 2 Roses
                                                                    1 large bag of petals for tossing

                Please note – this is an all rose package. Other florals may NOT be substituted, but can be added at a minimal upcharge.  If you need more or less items in the package or need to substutue one item for another, we will accomodate those changes with a price adjustment.

                                                         Do you also need reception table arrangements ?

                                                   ALL ROSES RECEPTION TABLE PACKAGE

                                    $395.oo  for 10 table arrangements

The table arrangements in one or two colors of roses arranged in a clear glass vase with 12 roses in each vase and accented                      with assorted greens, and if you choose we will also add a ribbon on the vase and Baby's Breath accents.

                  Please note – this is an all rose package.  Other florals may NOT be substituted, but can be added at a minimal upcharge.  If you need more or less                                                   arrangements for your tables, we will accomodate those quantieis with a price adjustment.


                            50% of TOTAL PAYMENT DUE AT TIME OF ORDER - Remianing 50% balance no less that 30 days prior to the event date

                                              For additional packages or other types of florals with custom design service, refer to our web site